Summer Product Updates

To say that the start of our summer here at C24 has been very busy would be a gross understatement. We’ve all been personally feeling the stress that our clients face as Covid-19 case numbers continue to accelerate all over North America. The work that we do on a daily basis has become that much more crucial and important to all of us since it’s our personal contribution to the collective efforts in battling this virus as a community.

With its summer product release, C24 is pleased to announce two new updates:

  1. Clinical users are now able to conduct video and audio consults with patients through the C24 RPM app thanks to an integration with Swymed Inc. The patient does not need any extra devices other than access to a computer with the Internet and a browser. The consult details and care minutes are automatically saved to the patient’s profile for later review and billing.

  2. Patients are now able to use LiveCare devices both as a central hub for a variety of other device connections as well as a communication device itself. As part of this feature, clinical users are also able to send the patient reminders as well as instant messages, with all of the patient engagement events captured and timed for later review and billing.

As we continue to build out the product, we know that events such as Covid-19 will continue to rock the healthcare industry, making remote patient monitoring technologies a more widely discussed topic in various political, private, and public circles. The team is already working on updates that will be released this fall. Combined with the new Swymed and LiveCare integrations, C24 will continue to build out its telemedicine suite of products for hospitals, health networks, home care agencies, and provider offices.